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All our products improve water quality and eliminate bacterias and other impurities in order to provide fresh, pure and healthy water for human consumption.
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Advantages of Water Treatment Solution

You will benefit from:

Improved Water Quality

The full water filtration is necessary to promote health, well-being and avoid ingesting toxic substances or contaminants.

Contaminant Removal

Water filtration removes impurities from old water pipes where there are sediments, rust and other contaminants.

Time and Money Saving

Homes and industries that use filtered water as a disposal system save a lot of money over time.


Water Treatment Systems significantly minimize the purchase and disposal of plastic containers.

WTS – Water Treatment Systems

We are the best option in water treatment for human consumption.
Located in Bogotá, Colombia, WTS – Water Treatment Systems, is a leading company in the commercialization of water treatment products for human consumption. We focus on providing high-quality business, industrial and technological solutions for each of our clients.
Currently and with more than 12 years of experience, WTS – Water Treatment Systems works with different industries in the academic, health, automotive, energy, textile, chemical, food, among others.

Why is WTS the best business option for you?

At WTS – Water Treatment Systems our clients get:


We have the knowledge to offer high-quality business and technology solutions.


We offer high-quality products with the international support of our alliances.


We have technology that helps to reduce costs and improve business activities.


We have highly trained staff to provide optimal customer service.

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